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Warm. Attractive. Seductive.

This high performance material with corrosion resistance. Brombal uses an OT67 alloy that contains 67% copper, which creates its high corrosion resistance, while the remaining 33% zinc increases its strength.

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Rustic, Refined, Elegant

Cor-ten is an alloy that contains copper, chromium and phosphorus, characterized by a high resistance to corrosion.

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Galvanized Steel

Expressive. Imaginative. Creative.

With a steel alloy, and a GZ200 hot zinc coating (equivalent to 200 gr/m2 on both sides) the profile is protected against oxidation on both the interior and exterior surfaces.

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Stainless Steel

Clean. Solid. Accurate.

This long-lasting material is the ideal solution for gates that will be located in harsh environments.

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